Best of Greece 2018 Contests

Trust your talent and take part in the BEST OF GREECE contest, the most prestigious photo, album and video contest in Greece. Choose the category you are interested in and submit your photographic or video creation at the discretion of some of the most prominent professionals in the branch.

Terms and conditions

  • The dead line for submitting applications is March 26, 2018.
  • Participation is allowed to photographers or videographers from Greece and abroad.
  • Contestants can compete with as many entries as they want in each category, provided they own the records and consent of the persons depicted there.
  • Applications must comply with all the technical specifications listed below . Entries that do not meet the technical specifications will be excluded.
  • The name or other identifying element of the contestant may not be visible. Applications with a visible name or logo will be excluded.
  • Awarded applications in a previous "Best of Greece" contest are not allowed participation.
  • Read here the general terms of the contest, the evaluation criteria and the legal responsibility of the participant.

Evaluation procedure

  • The final evaluation of each photo, album or video participating in the competition, results from the average rating of all judges, and is automatically generated by the contest software to avoid intervention.
  • Each entry is evaluated by 4 judges, so that the average score is valid.
  • Photos, albums, and videos are rated with 60 points to pass and a maximum of 100 points.
  • The winner in each category is the application with the highest score.
  • All the winning applications that will score over 80 points will be posted on our website, with the name of the contestant, their final score and the "Best of Greece" award label.
  • The prize-winning photographic entries that will score 80 or more points will be printed out in a 30x40 cm poster and will be presented in a prominent position outside the seminar rooms with the names of the contestant, their final score and the "Best of Greece" award sign, on Sunday 1 April afternoon at the HELEXPO premises.
  • The winners of each category will be awarded with a prize tag at the award ceremony of the "Best of Greece" competition on Sunday April 1st at the HELEXPO premises.
  • For entries that will receive less than 80 points, participants will be able to get detailed feedback on their rating, in many cases with judges' comments, using their personal password on the website.

Η υποβολή συμμετοχών στον διαγωνισμό φωτογραφίας και βίντεο έχει κλείσει.

Οι νικητές θα ανακοινωθούν την Κυριακή 1η Απριλίου.

Contest Categories

Wedding Photo Category

Photos with weddings or christenings.

  1. Reportage. Photographs recorded in the Wedding reportage category must be of the day of the ceremony. Photos not taken on the wedding day will not be accepted. See the prizes worth 830 €.
  2. Portrait. Photos of the bridal couple, as the main pictute focus. Pictures of the Groom and the Bride togethet or separately are allowed. Day-after photos are allowed in this category. See the prizes worth 800 €.
  3. Christening. Pictures from the ceremony as well as ones not taken on the day of the christening are accepted in this category. See the prizes worth 710 €.


  • The dimension of each side must be at least 1280 pixels
  • RGB Color Mode (even for B&W images)
  • JPG File Format
  • sRGB Color Profile
  • Your files should not bear a logo or reference to the creator in any way.Violation of the term will result to exclusion of the participation.

Non-Wedding Photo Category

Pictures of general subject, other than weddings or christenings.

  1. Portrait. In addition to the technique, additional points will be given for rendering the personality, emotions or some other attribute of the model. See the prizes worth 900 €.

Instagram Category

  1. Instagram Photo. You can compete with pictures of your choice in the categories: friends, food, gadgets, captions, pets, activities, selfie and fashion. All photos sent to this category must also be posted to a valid instagram account as public content with the hashtag #shapenlight. See the prizes worth 350 €.

Video Category

  1. Wedding Video. The distinction will be given to the Videographer that combines the inventiveness of narration, reception, editing, color correction, and sound design in the wedding video. See the prizes worth 530 €.
  2. Christening Video. The distinction will be given to the Videographer that combines the inventiveness of narration, reception, editing, color correction and sound design in the christening video. See the prizes worth 530 €.


  • Videos must have at least 720p resolution and aspect ration 16:9.
  • MP4 Format.
  • File must be under 500 MB.
  • Video must not exceed duration of five (5) minutes.
  • All videos should NOT have any logo on them or any mention of the creator in any way. Violation of this term means immediate repeal.

Album Category

  1. Wedding Album. Albums submitted to the Wedding Album category must recite the wedding day. Day after pictures are allowed. See the prizes worth 650 €.
  2. Christening Album. Albums submitted to the Christening Album category must recount the day of baptism. Pictures from day after are allowed. See the prizes worth 530 €.

Photos that will be used as part of a participation of any album category, may be registered as individual photographic printings.

The albums will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Narrative properties
  • Impact
  • Style
  • Technique
  • Lighting
  • Pose
  • Expressions
  • Quality of presentation
  • Composition
  • Creative design


  • JPG File Format
  • sRGB Color Profile
  • Files may be individual pages of an album or double pages (spreads). All files must be sequencially numbered to show the order (i.e. 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg).
  • Do not include any files used for the cover.
  • Each image must have a minimum height of 1280 pixes.
  • You can upload up to 100 files if each file corresponds to individual pages, or 50 files if each image is a double page (spread).
  • Albums should not bear a logo or a reference to the creator in any way. This term violation will result to exclusion.

The Judges

22 outstanding and renowned professionals are here to evaluate your knowledge.

  • Joshua D'hondt

    Photo Competition Judge

  • William Lambelet

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Kosmas Koumianos

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Fer Juaristi

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Franck Boutonnet

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Dmitry Usanin

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Greg Moment

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Rocio Vega

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Anna Roussos

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Adam Alex

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Marios Theologis

    Photo Competition Judge

  • George Pahountis

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Adonis Kekidakis

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Fanis Pavlopoulos

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Giorgos Makrakis

    Photo Competition Judge

  • Evergreen

    Video Competition Judge

  • Gione Da Silva

    Video Competition Judge

  • Lee Bakogiannakis

    Video Competition Judge

  • Alejandro Calore

    Video Competition Judge

  • With Hearts Films

    Video Competition Judge

  • Kostas Kastanakis

    Video Competition Judge

  • George Zorbas

    Video Competition Judge

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